Hostess Rewards

Your Hostess Rewards are based on your Trunk Show sales. Explore your Rewards in the chart below

Our average hostess earns over $150 in FREE shopping and 3 items at 50% off, and can take advantage of:

70% Off Booking Bonus
Book a show of your own and help out your hostess. When a hostess confirms two bookings she can purchase any one item for 70% off as part of her rewards. It's a win-win for everyone! *Booked shows must be dated within 30 days.

Hostess Ambassador Reward
Simply host 2 qualifying shows within a 12 month period, held in separate collections and receive a $75 product certificate.

Hostess Special
Hostesses will be able to purchase our monthly special at a great savings with a qualified show.

Check out the current Hostess Special

* Rewards cannot be combined. FREE Merchandise Credit cannot be applied towards ½ off items or Hostess Special.