What is ClaudiaG?
ClaudiaG is a brand of beautifully handcrafted and sophisticated handbags, versatile accessories and on-trend jewelry started by Claudia Gutierrez. Her focus is to offer a remarkable product at a great value, through a platform that helps empower women by providing opportunities for financial independence while building a sustainable means to give back to the community.

How can I take advantage of the ClaudiaG opportunity?
There are three ways to become part of the ClaudiaG family: 1. Host a trunk show 2. Become a Consultant 3. Shop and help raise funds for the non-profit organization closest to your heart. Check out our website for details!

How do I Host a Trunk Show?
Just click here to submit your information so we can direct a consultant in your area to contact you and help you with the details. Start making a list of all the women you know and invite them over. Also invite your friends and family across the US to browse the collection. The merchandise will be shipped directly to them and you will get the credit towards your Trunk Show! The more credits you have, the more free merchandise you get!

What do I get for hosting a Trunk Show?
You will get free product credit and half off items for hosting a Trunk Show. Make a wish list! As a hostess, you will get exciting rewards while having a great time with friends.

How do I become a Consultant?
Visit our website to join. Fill out your contact information and order the kit that best suits your taste and prospective customers. A member of our team will contact you and lead you through the onboarding process once you sign up.

What if I don't want to spend money on kits?
Kits are a vital part of this business. Our Business Builder Kits include a set of carefully selected, best seller pieces that show well together. Because your clients may want to see and experience the merchandise, we strongly recommend to have them at a Trunk Show. ClaudiaG kits are a great value and very attractively priced. Also, consultant pricing is available from your back office at 25% off retail prices.

What commission will I earn?
ClaudiaG consultants earn 25% to 35% commission on every product they sell. There is also the potential to earn significantly more if you choose to build a team by earning commissions on your team's sales and one-time promotion bonuses at different career levels. Commissions are paid twice a month.

Does the company provide a website for the Consultants? If so, how much does it cost?
Yes! We want you to have your own website and start getting online orders right away. Online sales can be a huge part of your business and you will need a great way to reach those customers. The cost of your website is $9.95 a month and the first month is free. We keep it updated and do all the maintenance for you. You simply share your personal website address and you're in business!

How do I track my earnings?
All you need to do is login to the Consultant's section of your website and have access to tons of useful information. Company news, sales reports, team status, and valuable tools and video guides are available in your very own back office pages.

Do guests take home products from the Trunk Show?
Oftentimes, guests get to take home their purchases that day! It depends on your stock at the time of the Trunk Show. Some of our Consultants carry items for immediate sale, while the majority take advantage of our no inventory approach. Showcasing the product samples from their kit and our fantastic catalogue, the Cosnultant will take orders at the show which will be delivered by mail. We feel that it is important to give our Consultants the choice in how they want to conduct their business. If you have certain pieces that you have seen online and want to see them at the show just let your Consultant know and she might be able to accommodate you.

How much do business supplies cost?
Business supplies such as catalogs, Consultant's Guide, order forms and flyers are included in every kit. Just select the kit that will best suit you and you're in business. Additional supplies can be purchased from the catalogue in the Consultant's HUB. You have a professional group of people running your back office so you can concentrate on building your business!

What types of payment can I accept from customers?
We take all major credit cards. The Consultants can also take cash or personal checks written to them and in turn, will submit an online order with her credit card.

How long does it take to get my gorgeous products? my gorgeous products?
At ClaudiaG we are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service. We ship items out as soon as the order is processed and it will typically take 3-5 business days to get your order. Some people may even have their products before your trunk show if they are shopping your consultant's online boutique! We mean it when we say we want this to be as easy as possible for everybody!

Where are the products made?
All of our products are designed in our Houston Studio by Claudia and her design team. Our 100% genuine leather products and most of our jewelry and accessories are sourced from all over the world. Selected pieces of our jewelry are made right here in the USA!

What is the price range of your products?
ClaudiaG offers something for everyone. We focus in delivering a fantastic shopping experience through amazing designer prodiucts at an irresistible value. Our prices range from $9 to $199 and include our fantastic 100% genuine leather items and contemporary line of jewelry and accessories.

Is the jewelry nickel and lead free?
Yes, all of our pieces are tested for lead and nickel content and meet all rigorous standards required by law.

How do I take care of my jewelry?
The ClaudiaG line of fashion jewelry is designed to be eye-catching, head-turning, and affordable. All of our pieces come with detaled care instructions for your reference but in general, do not bathe in your jewelry or spray perfume on your jewelry, and never keep your jewelry in the bathroom as vapor and humidity are the enemies. Clean gently with a polishing cloth.

Where do the materials or the stones come from?
Different parts of the world. Claudia is always travelling to find the best quality supplies possible.

What kinds of materials are used to make the handbags?
Claudia carefully selects the best-quality leather, textiles and hardware to create our gorgeous line of 100% genuine leather handbags.